Harmonic Temple Drone Ensemble at the Hackney Cut!


Delighted to have done the first gig with Harmonic Temple, a long-time coming project led by a good friend and composer Tim Maryon. The venue is the exciting new warehouse space the Hackney Cut.

Here’s some text from the Facebook event about us – Audio and more to come soon! :

Through repetition and sustain the London Based Drone Ensemble HARMONIC TEMPLE forge worlds of sound that connect with people in an unique and spiritual way. Linked to the works of Terry Riley, the Theater of Eternal Music and John Coltrane, Harmonic Temple explores improvisation and strict compositional form to create an entirely new sonic experience. Trance enducing and hypnotic, their highly focused music is an experience beyond simply listening that takes listeners on a ritualistic journey.

Tim Maryon- Harmonium, Electronics, Percussions

Tim Cape – Percussions, Found Sounds

Steve Mathers – Saxophones

Mikey Cooper – Viola

I also play with the London Soundpainting Orchestra – resident artists at the Hackney Cut – check out http://www.lspo.co.uk/ for more.


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