Performance at Fourth Plinth exhibition at ICA

ICA pans

I was delighted to have the opportunity to show my music theatre piece “Apathy Harvest” at the Institute of Contemporary Art, as part of a performance event celebrating the Fourth Plinth public artwork that has been exhibited in Trafalgar Square. The piece stages repeated pots-and-pans anti-war protests which gradually fade to nothing when repeatedly silenced by two characters in high-vis jackets. I wrote it in response to No-o-war No-o-war-r by Soraki Douglas Camp, a proposed statue for the fourth plinth which was never realised in the square. A lot of the work proposed for trafalgar sq has been consciously in opposition to the imperial-war-hero atmosphere present in the square and its monuments (The square itself was designed to prevent crowds of people gathering) and I wanted to mirror this in my piece. I was part of a group of other composers and performers, together we devised work and curated an evening of performance. Always interesting to stage performances in gallery settings, as it creates a very different feel to concert halls or other music venues.


Andreas ICA Andreas Papapetrou – “In the Sptolight”

Gio ICA Giorgi Janiashvili – “Demonstration for 8 groups”

ICA The Institute of Contemporary Art, The Mall, London



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