Bastard Assignments S/M/L



In early 2014 I Organised the events series S/M/L with my composer collective Bastard Assignments. These three events were supported by Sound and Music’s Composer / Curator fund.

The first event took place between two tiny venues in Greenwich, London – the Red Door Cafe and the Made in Greenwich Gallery. As well as curating and producing the event I Composed and Performed “Swing” with Fred Feeney.

The Second event took place in the spectacularly eerie “Aylum” – a bombed out church in Peckham. This event featured “We were not many people” A collaboration with Fred Feeney and Choreographer Thea Stanton

Samara Asylum

In March we moved on to the Cavernous Live Music Bar Hootenanny in Brixton. For this event I performed “Not that I have, but as an example…”  a collaboration with Flautist Jenni Hogan.


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