– “Favourite bits” for Harp, Clarinet and Soprano, moving and playing. London. Oct

– “Finding Kala” for String Ensemble. Project Instrumental, London and Oxford, Oct.

-“Ephemeral ground” Found recordings/Tape piece, for Dance performance. Samara Dubois (dancer) Various location, Summer.

-“Block T” for any instruments, and recorded composers thoughts about the event. Kirkos Ensemble, Dublin. July

– “Chick Piece” Text, objects, tape. Performed by me, London, June

– “Ear piece” for Audience copying composer rubbing/scratching his ears, and tape. London, April.

– “Not that I have, but as an example…” Flute, objects, tape, live video. Devised in Collaboration with Jenni Hogan. London, March.

– “Because that is perceived to be the hardest task..” for speaking percussionist on temple blocks, and a recorded conversation. Devised in collaboration with Sam Wilson. London, February.

– “Point of View” Quadraphonic tape piece for Thea Stanton’s dance performance. Collaboration with Fred Feeney. Resloutions! Festival. The Place, London. February.

– “Swing” Text, Organ, objects. Composed and Performed with Fred Feeney. London, January.


-“Joy/Fear/Abandonment/Pleasure” Text, Objects, fruit. London, December

-“Deeper” Site specific work for Greenwich foot tunnel, for Trombone, Trumpet, Floor Tom, Sound collector and unsuspecting cyclist. Greenwich, November.

– “Collectors Item” Cairde String Quartet. West Cork, Ireland. July

-“My Greedy Orgy With Thirty Pensions Firm People, EXPOSED” for Speaking piano trio. Fidelio Trio. Derry. July

– “untitled” Music Concrete from recordings of ping-pong balls on Quadrophonic setup, text. Smack on the mouth (Final Recital at TrinityLaban), May, London

– “Removal” for 4 spatialised ensembles. Smack on the mouth (Final Recital at TrinityLaban), May, London

– “Questionnaire. Q1(a) What do you think of the way we do things?” for Clarinet, Marimba and two heckling audience members. Smack on the mouth (Final Recital at TrinityLaban), May, London

– “The Day After” for speaking Trombonist and Soprano. Smack on the mouth (Final Recital at TrinityLaban), May, London

– “He said, She said” for speaking choir. COMA choir. March, London

– “Overheard” for Clarinet, Percussion, Violin and Piano, all speaking. For Four-Sight Ensemble’s album. February, London

– “The Eternal War is Here!” for Clarinet, Percussionist reading text by Allen Ginsberg, Violin and Piano. Feb. Unperformed.

– “We are watching (out for) you” for Clarinet, Percussionist reading text, Violin and Piano. Feb. Unperformed.

– “This Friday” for found sounds, loop pedal, percussion, pre-recorded and live text and movement. Performed by me. February, London.

– “Apathy Harvest” for 4 performers with pots and pans. January, ICA, London.


– “13 chunky gestures for the rugged joy of being” for Orchestra. Composer workshop, Trinity Laban

– “Laughing Stock” for Clarinet, Accordion and Percussion. Recorded by members of the Concorde Ensemble. July, Dublin.

• “An imaginary conversation with a man on a London bus” for 6-10 moving and speaking musicians and one narrator – any handheld instruments. – 2012

– “Deadwood wouldn’t” for Solo Viola. Unperformed


– “Gut Bucket” for 14 Musicians, Written for Catarina Trota, Choreographer, for “Zone Song” Dance Performance. July, Bonnie Bird Theatre, London.

-“Dinosaur World” for Improvising ensemble. April, TrinityLaban, London

– “Feeble Beat Machine” for Tenor Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra. March, London

– “Holism” for spatialised Trombone quartet. March, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

– “When snow, all snow” for String Quartet (unperformed)


2 responses to “Compositions

  1. Timothy…what about the great piece of contemporary” romantic with a feisty twist” piece of music you composed for Eileen and Duncan’s wedding…you are hiding your light under that bushel…Meg

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